The Ultimate Proof of Creation                                                                    


Ultimate Proof of Creation

by Dr. Jason Lisle

Master Books 2009

Reviewed by Jack Kettler


Dr. Lisle’s Bio:


“Dr. Jason Lisle holds bachelor of science degrees in physics and astronomy from Ohio Wesleyan University, as well as a master’s and Ph.D. in Astro-physics from the University of Colorado in Boulder. As a creation scientist Dr. Lisle effectively communicates a broad range of topics from in-depth presentations of distant starlight, Einstein's relativity, and problems with the big bang to topics from astronomy and general science to apologetics and dinosaurs.”


What others are saying:


“You will never think the same way again after reading this masterful book - and you will never dialogue with non-believers in the same way. You will gain a confidence in your faith that you probably have never experienced, and you will become much more emboldened in your Christian faith.” - Ken Ham, President/CEO of Answers in Genesis, Creation Museum, Ark Encounter


“Woe to the Evolutionist: This is a comprehensive apologetic rooted in the unassailable transcendental argument for God’s existence. The self-refuting nature of popular philosophies like empiricism and naturalism demonstrates the power of the author’s approach.”

   “Common fallacies, informal and formal logic, and training on how to recognise these in the evolutionist’s arguments is laid out. The ‘live’ correspondence case studies at the end are excellent for this purpose.”

   “While some might doubt the usefulness of this kind of apologetic for witnessing, by “de-focusing” or “setting-the-scene” as wide as possible with a stranger (i,e, at the “worldview” level), a launching pad is made to get to the gospel. Without this, one may start off in an irrelevant rabbit hole and lose the moment.” -   Paul Artale


“Simply, this is one of the most sound and biblically supported arguments I've ever encountered. I'm a firm believer that studies Earth sciences and this just strengthens my walk even more. It showed me I don't have to try to present tons of evidence to justify my beliefs, it only takes an argument to overcome the argument. Seriously, what upholds immaterial laws? Or how does random chance events account for the orderliness we observe? I guess you won't see what you're not looking for... I know, works both ways. Christ please help our disbelief.” - C. Bess


A Review:


This reviewer had the opportunity to attend a live lecture where Dr. Lisle presented the key points from his book, “Ultimate Proof of Creation.” While holding a Ph.D. degree in Astrophysics, Dr. Lisle can stand on the stage with anyone in the scientific world. In addition, the author has distinguished himself as a capable theologian and philosopher. In his lecture, Dr. Lisle brought down to a laymen’s level an understanding of presuppositional or worldview apologetics.


Presuppositional apologetics was developed by Cornelius Van Til at Westminster Theological in Philadelphia. According to Van Til, Dr. Greg Bahnsen was his star student and a popularizer of Van Til’s work. Dr. Lisle credits Dr. Bahnsen for his understanding of presuppositional apologetics. This reviewer has read every book and class syllabus published by Van Til. In this reviewer’s opinion, Dr. Lisle has brought presuppositional apologetics to the laymen’s level like no one before him.


Chapter Layout:


“Contents Foreword by Ken Ham Introduction 1. The Nature of Evidence 2. Resolving the Origins Debate 3. Illustrations of the Ultimate Proof 4. Reasoning with the Critic 5. The Procedure for Defending the Faith 6. The Place of Evidence 7. Logical Fallacies — Part I 8. Logical Fallacies — Part II 9. Closing the Loopholes 10. Apologetics in the Bible Conclusion”

Dr. Jason Lisle, The Ultimate Proof of Creation (p. 3). Master Books. Kindle Edition.


In Chapter One, the author uses the following example to set the stage for delving into the nature of evidence and how evidence is interpreted within the framework of a worldview:


“For this origins debate, I will be using DNA, fossils, and rock layers to support my position,” said the evolutionist. “That's odd,” said the creationist. “That's exactly what I was going to use to support my position!”

Dr. Jason Lisle, The Ultimate Proof of Creation (p. 15). Master Books. Kindle Edition.


In the above example, two educated individuals are looking at the same evidence and yet, coming to radically different interpretations of the data.


How to know what is the best worldview. In the following citation, building the irrefutable case that the Biblical worldview is the only view that explains the as we know it:


“In order for a worldview to be rationally defensible, it must be internally consistent. But just because a worldview is self-consistent does not necessarily mean that it is correct. There is another criterion as well. A rational worldview must provide the preconditions of intelligibility. These are conditions that must be accepted as true before we can know anything about the universe. The preconditions of intelligibility are things that most people take for granted.”

Dr. Jason Lisle, The Ultimate Proof of Creation (p. 47). Master Books. Kindle Edition.


The author further develops the assertion from the above citation: 


“The argument is that the Bible's account of origins (along with its other accounts) must be true — not that people must profess or believe it to be true. Only the God described in the Bible can provide the rational foundation for the things we take for granted. Without God's Word, we would have no good reason to believe in the preconditions of intelligibility: the basic reliability of memory and senses, laws of logic, uniformity of nature, morality, personal dignity and freedom, and so on. Thus, we would be unable to justify our beliefs about anything whatsoever.”

Dr. Jason Lisle, The Ultimate Proof of Creation (p. 51). Master Books. Kindle Edition.


The author examines the preconditions of intelligibility from every possible angle and summarizes what makes a worldview work:


“Preconditions of intelligibility include things like laws of logic, uniformity of nature, and absolute morality. Without a rational basis for the preconditions of intelligibility, the unbeliever cannot really know anything by his own worldview.”

Dr. Jason Lisle, The Ultimate Proof of Creation (p. 121). Master Books. Kindle Edition.


One of the great values of the book is that it interacts with virtually every possible objection, some hypothetical and others drawing upon correspondence with real people. The reader is trained on how to spot arbitrariness and inconsistencies in the non-Christian worldview, along with various types of logical fallacies used by a critic. The objections are refuted logically and in such a way as to give the reader an easy way to incorporate Dr. Lisle’s gold mine of argumentation into their apologetic ministry.   


In closing:


Dr. Lisle’s book is nothing short of a tour de force.


The thesis of the book can be summoned up as the Biblical worldview is true because of the impossibility of the contrary. After reading Dr. Lisle’s book, the reader will most certainly agree.


Usually, after a review, the reader is encouraged to have this book in their home library. In this case, it can be said that it might be a sin if the apologist does not have this book in their library.   


Dr. Lisle’s website is a great resource For those interested, Dr. Lisle’s book has a companion DVD that can be obtained at Amazon.


“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)


Mr. Kettler has previously published articles in the Chalcedon Report and Contra Mundum. He and his wife Marea attend the Westminster, CO, RPCNA Church. Mr. Kettler is the author of books defending the Reformed Faith. Books can be ordered online at: Amazon